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The Apple farm quote of Pierre Baile

The first thing you’ll see when arriving at Æblegaarden, Langeland is
– naturally – apple trees! “Naturally”, because Æblegaarden means
“The Applefarm” in Danish.

The beautiful, wild growing garden, surrounding the old farm, is situated close to beaches and woods, in the village of Fæbæk, app. 8 km to the north of the small fairytale town, Tranekær, with its romantic red castle, and little half-timbered houses, that will surely make you think of Hans Christian Andersens famous stories.

Your hosts at Æblegaarden are Sannie Teresa og Jacob Burén.

We are not quite common. But we have our feet solid on the ground.

We insist on being present and hospitable in relation with our guests.
We love to share stories and opinions. But on the other hand we also give room for withdrawal and silent contemplation.

A visit to Æblegaarden is like staying with caring relatives – only without the family obligations that are often associated with at visit with Aunt Oda.

Click here , if you want to know more about us
and the history of Æblegaarden.